Bentonite is a highly colloidal clay mineral which gets its name from the place where its presence and usages were first discovered – Fort Benton, America. The multiple properties of bentonite namely hydration, swelling, water absorption, viscosity, thixotropy make it a multi-application product for diverse industries. Primarily two varieties of bentonite are available – sodium bentonite (high swelling, gelling and thermal durability) and calcium bentonite (more commonly available worldwide but with less swelling).

bentonite1Our Company has extensive reserves of high quality Sodium and Calcium Bentonite which are mined & processed carefully into several grades. These are in different forms such as dried & crushed lumps, granules, powder to micronized powder, catering to diverse needs of clients. Our Bentonite products cater to a wide range of industries starting from the conventional usage areas of Iron Ore Pelletisation, Drilling, Metal Casting, Construction, Pet Litter etc. to value added areas such as paper, detergents etc.

bentonite3company is engaged in export – import of minerals and owns mines in various parts of Kutch district. The company provides processed forms of Bentonite, Bauxite and China clay and raw form of the said minerals is also provided also. In Kutch (Gujarat india) has largest aria of minerals like Bentonite, China clay, Bauxite, etc. Coal Lignite is also found in Kutch.